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Social Security Disability

Handicap AttorneyMy very first case when I earned my license was a gentleman who had worked hard and for a long time in his chosen field. He didn’t anticipate that his disabilities would lead to extreme pain and an inability to do his work. When that happened, he called me.

I represent claimants at all stages of the Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits process, be it the initial application stage, the reconsideration stage, or at a hearing. I prefer to be involved from the beginning, as it gives me time to understand your disability and how it affects your ability to work, and to craft a strong application to the Social Security Administration. I am aware of how the Administration thinks, and can create an application that gives them what they want to hear.

I understand that my clients have worked hard. In fact, the Social Security Administration requires that you have worked at a job covered by its programs and are now unable to work for at least a year because of your disability. I know this can be a frustrating, irritating time for my clients, as they accept a new level of ability, and face a benefits process that seems harsh.

At our first meeting, I will ask whether you can no longer do your job because of your disability, if you think you can work in any position with your disability, and if the disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least a year. These are the standards that you’ll need to meet to be successful in your claim. If you do meet them, I will begin formulating the best argument to get you your benefits.

By getting to the know the specifics of your disability, I will look to the Social Security Administration’s guidelines for approving benefits. Within Social Security’s own writing, I often find the best arguments for winning.

In some cases, a disability may even qualify for an expedited process called Compassionate Allowances (CAL). CAL allow the Social Security Administration to quickly identify diseases and other medical conditions that will inevitably qualify for benefits. I pursue CAL if appropriate, as it often results in my client receiving benefits faster.

If you’ve already applied, and have been denied or are waiting for a response, having strong legal representation is still a good idea. I am skilled at dealing with disability determination services, providing them what they need to make a determination as to your benefits as quickly as possible.

With years of trial experience under my belt, I can also present a compelling argument at your hearing as to why you should be awarded benefits. The hearing process is often the most stressful for my clients, as there is a judge, and evidence is presented about my client’s disability and work history that would make anyone feel stressed. I have helped countless clients at hearings to feel more at ease with the process, most importantly by letting them know they have a strong advocate on their side.

I look forward to discussing your claim with you.