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The Redesign of

Recently my client/friend Tonya put it to me plainly:

“Your website needs to be better.”

I paused for a second and admitted, “I know.”

Her main concerns were that didn’t tell her what it was that I did, when in real life I was telling her about all of the rad work I get to do as a disability attorney, from protecting clients’ liberties to protecting their health and well-being. I was delivering an exciting message in person but keeping it quiet online.

I needed to change that.

I looked at sites that I liked and came back to Tonya’s website for her art business, Enter our now shared web designer Vincent Tobiaz. Vincent has pushed me to write about what I do with Prokowiew Law through blogs and articles. I’ve already written about guardianships, conservatorships, social security disability, special needs trusts, and more globally about the disability law work that I do. He’s also encouraged me to reach out to clients for reviews.

I also have a brand new Prokowiew Law logo, generously and beautifully created by Tonya, which captures some of the various ways I try to work with the disability population on legal matters.

The new I may not be good creating these things for myself, but I am good at finding the best people to help me. With Vincent and Tonya on my team, I feel like I could conquer the world. At least the online one.

  • 2 Apr, 2014
  • Jason Prokowiew

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